The Canadian Code

We stand between the darkness and the light
We stand between the candle and the star

We seek only to live in peace
But we are not blind to the world in which we live

We are the friends and allies of freedom everywhere
But the guardians only of our own

Terror we will answer with steadfast resolve and measured force

And never will we bow down to fear

We are the champions of responsible civil liberty
And of true human rights

We shun ignorance and embrace knowledge

We are kind of heart and generous of spirit

We comport ourselves with quiet dignity
And overwhelming reverence for the majesty around us

We are prudent in thought and in action

We are frugal of coin, but conscious of quality

We are self-reliant and self-sufficient
But conscious of the community to which we belong

We are the heart and soul of the modern world
Seeking not to stop the engines of progress
But to slow the pace in order to ensure equity of outcome for all

Above all we are Canadian