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The Nature of Freedom, the Validity of Confessions, and the Burden of Proof

Today’s missive is largely going to be about Omar Khadr, not because I have any desire to defend him (I’m not really all that sure that I do) but because there are elements of his case that require careful thought. … Continue reading

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Zealotry, Devotion, and the Sixth Commandment

Life itself is wondrous and majestic, filled with infinite variety and infinite diversity. It is to be embraced in all its forms. This means exactly what it says. Life is wonderous. Life is majestic. Life is filled with endless variety … Continue reading

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Trigger Warnings, Social Justice, and Stephen Fry

I pride myself on being (or at least trying to be) a rational, thinking human being. If I have one weakness in this regard it is that I sometimes react to a given circumstance or a given piece of information … Continue reading

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